I partner with organizations to tell visual stories that clarify complexity and catalyze alliances, 

bringing collective visions to life



Data Storytelling

Data and information are available more easily but challenging to communicate well. Visuals are the best way to share, but they require a certain kind of ally . . .

Graphic Recording


The challenges teams face require collaborative effort. Poor communication (like PowerPoint) is often how these efforts fail. Thankfully, there are other options . . .

Communications Strategy

Your mission requires the support of others. Without a plan for reaching them, it's just a wish. A successful plan may not be what you think it is. It may be easier . . .



"It's not easy to find someone who is both a talented graphic designer and a smart communications strategist. Lydia is that rare professional who understands how graphics and text work together to help you accomplish your communication goals. Do you want to go beyond "pretty and colorful" to persuasive, clear and inspiring? Work with Lydia."


Clients include:

  • The Wilderness Society
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships
  • The Civic Canopy
  • Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education
  • Colorado Foundation for Water Education
  • Blue Star Recyclers
  • History Colorado

Photos and videos on this site are courtesy of Emily Przekwasimjustanartist.com, and Quadrid Productions.