Telling Stories with Data: Dos and Don'ts for Beginners and Experts

Nowadays, we all seem to be swimming in endless data and information. This can present exciting opportunities to understand our work and its impact more deeply. It also means that if we want to help others understand, we need to be able to share data and information in ways that truly cut through the noise. Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind as you create game-changing data stories…

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23+ podcasts for information and inspiration

This month I feel called to share something I never have before: a curated list of some of my favorite podcasts.

I find podcasts to be both the most convenient and the most fun way to explore a diversity of perspectives on any given topic. Here's some that I go to for regular doses of inspiration and guidance. As my interests are so diverse, you are bound to stumble on some serendipitous conversations and connections....

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The Trick of Cooperation: Women Creating Networks of Change

We all know that old structures are changing fast. What we don’t always see is that women are playing a pivotal role in birthing the new ones being created.

We also often hear about the challenges women face - and we need to hear more about the strengths we bring to them. Women who are leading change efforts in Denver call us to use our current opportunity to see ourselves - and show up in the networks we are involved in - in new, groundbreaking ways...

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The paradox of online communities: How to cultivate ones that build bridges not islands

I was recently asked by a friend "Do you think that technology such as social media is causing or healing our divisions?" As with most great questions worth chewing on, there just isn't a simple answer. Technology has certainly made media more democratized, yet for all our connecting online, we are actually becoming more isolated. If we know technology can so easily separate us - from our own immediate experience, each other, and our environment - are there ways we can ensure it bridges us instead?...

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