Sketchnotes from the Regenerative Future Summit

Earlier this month professionals and leaders from across science, business, energy, finance, and more met to have conversations about creating an "Economy in Service to Life" at the first annual Regenerative Future Summit.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a couple sessions near and dear to my heart: "The Power of a Narrative in Building a Movement" and "Conscious Leadership in Business" (you can click on these links to watch them online).

Please enjoy the sketchnotes I made about what was shared below...

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Using design principles in relationships

As a designer, I work in ideas. But I also must work with people. If I could distill everything that I’ve learned as a designer down to one thing it would be this: Ideas are excellent; people are essential.

People are not only vessels for ideas, they bring them into form. Designers sometimes think they are responsible for both discovering ideas and executing them, but at some point our ideas must live beyond us. They are shared with co-creators, with clients, with stakeholders, with audiences we may never meet.

Unfortunately, designers are often not trained or well practiced in this business of inviting others into our process and ultimately letting go of our work so it can serve them. Worse still, our clients may also have expectations and misunderstandings about how much of the work is ours and how much is theirs, and legal contracts alone don’t guarantee clarity.

The way I see it, marketing is becoming more about information and relationships (and less about fabrication and power). Designers are no longer pushing concepts to clients who push them to passive consumers. This means the job of the designer is changing, and we are not the only ones who may find this change unnerving...

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10 ways that being car free for one year has improved my life

As we celebrate Earth Day this year, I am moved to share a story that is more personal than the ones I generally do because this month I am also celebrating one year of being car free.

As you might expect, not driving a car has changed my life. I want to share my story with you because of what you might not expect: it has also made me a better person. Let me count the ways...

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