I've worked with more than 30 organizations of all kinds - foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, academic institutions, small businesses, large corporations, social enterprises, and other consulting agencies . . .

  • Colorado Foundation for Water Education
  • Center for Legal Inclusiveness
  • Science Galaxy
  • Denver Shared Spaces (partnership with Urban Land Conservancy)
  • University of Colorado-Denver's School of Public Affairs
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver's Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis
  • Inpraxis Communications (project for National Association for Chronic Disease Directors)
  • Lichen Projects (project for NatureServe)
  • Artemis Research by Design (project for corporate company)
  • Blue Star Recyclers
  • Serve Colorado
  • Colorado Creative Industries, a division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  • Merritt + Grace (project for Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
  • Tilt West
  • Groundwork Denver
  • Assuring Better Child Health & Development
  • Front Range Source
  • The Bell Policy Center
  • The Wilderness Society
  • LiveWell Colorado
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships
  • The Civic Canopy
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Colorado Watershed Assembly
  • Nonprofit Centers Network
  • Earth Force (partnership with Denver Public Works Wastewater Division)
  • History Colorado
  • National Environmental Health Association
  • Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education
  • Denver Agency on Human Rights and Community Partnerships
  • Boulder Public Library
  • Converge Denver
  • Academy of Urban Learning
  • Women's Lobby of Colorado
  • Denver Health
  • Denver Environmental Health
  • The Equity Project (project for Colorado Black Health Collaborative)
  • Denver Urban Gardens
  • Denver Arts & Venues


I enjoy collaborating with a wide range of professionals, including researchers, evaluators, educators, community organizers, social workers, health professionals, financial professionals, legal professionals, scientific experts, data analysts, engineers, as well as other creative and communications professionals. Here's what some of them have said about working with me . . .


"It's not easy to find someone who is both a talented graphic designer and a smart communications strategist. Lydia is that rare professional who understands how graphics and text work together to help you accomplish your communication goals. Do you want to go beyond "pretty and colorful" to persuasive, clear and inspiring? Work with Lydia."

— Jeanine Draut, Health and Medical Writer, InPraxis Communications


"Lydia possesses a rare and valuable skill set of tech star and communicator in one neat package, wrapped up with excellent graphics skills. A smart self-starter who knows how to prioritize, Lydia brought her problem solving acumen to bear on several online engagement campaigns that brought long-term benefit to The Wilderness Society."

— Kathy Kilmer, former Director of Online Communications, The Wilderness Society



"Lydia does high quality work with attention to detail despite a very quick deadline. She could understand the complex ecological concepts we were trying to convey very quickly and turned them into elegant, simple designs."

— Lindsay Irving, Data Specialist, Stamen Design



“Lydia offers an extraordinary combination of environmental content knowledge with a pallet of communications skills. She has been a reliable ally in meeting my annual goals for education and outreach.”

— Donny Roush, Urban Waters Program Director, Earth Force, Inc.


“Lydia is a true gem. Her instincts for what makes a good story are excellent, and her stories regularly offer some of our highest social media value. She also has a natural inclination to quickly grasp and translate our most scientific or technical stories and is very skilled at helping with our more technical work, including GIS maps and graphics for the website. In addition to all of this, Lydia is a wonderfully pleasant person with a great attitude and a lot of creative drive. She is also very responsive.”

— Laura Bailey, Senior Digital Content Strategist, The Wilderness Society


"Lydia has proven to be a capable problem solver, deftly researching, evaluating, and processing different types of geospatial data. She was able to think creatively and collaboratively with our team, composed of members who were distributed across the country, and with a wide range of backgrounds. Lydia is an excellent worker, who listens attentively, communicates well verbally and on the written page, is a critical thinker able to articulate her ideas in discussions, is highly organized, and is able to set priorities and meet deadlines. She is the utmost professional."

— Ka Chun Yu, Curator of Space Science, Denver Museum of Nature and Science


"Lydia's skills in capturing the essence of multi-party conversations and depicting the connection and direction is engaging and unique. Her work brings out the best in some of our more reserved participantsWe were able to engage people with divergent agendas to communicate together and move the conversation toward consensus."

— Casey Davenhill, Executive Director, Colorado Watershed Assembly



"Working with Lydia not only resulted in a great product/program, but it also helped me to clarify and improve other things I was working on independently."

— Liz Cook, Environmental Educator, History Colorado


"We love the asset map Lydia created for us! Whenever we tour prospective members, it's now the most talked about element in our space. When people see it, they immediately get what Converge Denver is all about."

John Maikowski, Founder, Converge Denver


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