Because truth is stranger than fiction

Data and information have become commonplace, yet they remain difficult to communicate successfully.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You collect research or data that gets buried in a report that few read or that gets filed away, never to be seen again?
  • You present data to people but they still don't seem to understand it or find it to be relevant to them?
  • You gather and/or share data but see no change in the results or outcomes that matter?

Visuals are the best way to present information because they help us learn a lot very quickly, are easily shareable, and leave lasting impressions. 

Creating information-driven visuals requires in-depth content knowledge, design savvy, and audience awareness in order for them to be both engaging and easy to comprehend and act on.

Unlike others in my industry, I have expertise in communicating about technical topics. I believe that substance comes before equally-necessary style. I use accurate and appropriate words and visuals to create products that are both beautiful to look at and easy to comprehend. I take a human-centered design thinking approach, ensuring your goals will be met and expectations exceeded.

As you develop, design, and deliver your informational product, I can offer assistance with:

  • Communicating with both subject matter experts and communications staff to ensure your goals are fully met
  • Sourcing, analyzing, and framing data to tell the best story
  • Constructing narratives for key audiences, including message development and copywriting
  • Designing layout and creating visuals to supplement and support data and copy
  • Advising on strategic delivery of content to audiences

I have partnered with dozens of organizations, helping them use informative visuals to broaden their reach and create real change. Will yours be next?


Example products:

Informational graphics (infographics)
Geographic maps
Network maps
Reports and manuals


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