Because sometimes PowerPoint doesn't cut it

The challenges organizations face today requires collaboration and poor communication is often how collaborative efforts fail.

For example, group members may:

  • engage in parallel or siloed conversations, never quite getting on the same page as an entire team

  • refrain from sharing their experiences and creative contributions, adopting solutions that aren't well informed or that they aren't fully committed to

  • become trapped in escalating cycles of conflict between individuals or factions

  • become dissatisfied with meeting processes or results and disengage

We know visuals are the best communication tools, but we aren't accustomed to using them to support groups and their work.

Graphic recording is real-time illustration that organizes information during conversation, enabling individuals to share, understand, and retain more information. In turn, groups become more cohesive, creative, productive, and able to achieve their shared goals.

As a graphic recorder, I capture information as it's being shared and complement it with visuals on a large piece of paper (about four feet high and six to eight feet long) that everyone can see. These visuals not only clarify concepts but they also help individuals build more meaningful relationships with one another.

I know hand drawings hardly seem like they’d be the most cutting-edge solution, but the groups I have worked with have been transformed by them. Where they once felt uncertain, disorganized, or stalled, they now are able to use everyone's strengths in a shared commitment to reach their clear vision.


Can be used for:

Planning meetings
Team conference calls
Presentations and keynotes
Panel discussions
Focus groups
World Cafe events
Networking events
Event experiences
Coaching sessions
Explainer videos


Upcoming Trainings

"Using Visuals: Tools for Trainers and Facilitators" - Association for Talent Development Rocky Mountain Chapter's Facilitator's Exchange - November 14, 2017

"Groundbreaking Tools for Inclusive Dialogue and Informed Decision Making" - The Civic Canopy's Collective Impact Summit: Building a Culture of Collaboration - November 29 & 30, 2017

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