I partner with organizations

and networks of organizations

to help them collaborate and

communicate about complex information...

bringing collective visions to life

Visual communication can be an incredible tool for good. Visuals help us develop and elevate new ideas, mindsets, and visions. They can catalyze the actions and the alliances we need in order to grow.

The abundance of information today has made this tool even more powerful. Yet more information and more complexity can also make it more difficult to get your message across. The need for shared understanding has never been greater.

For the past several years, I have used the immense power of visual communication to not only help my clients tell information-rich stories but to help them better see themselves as valuable and supported.


I offer services and trainings in...


Information Design and Data Storytelling

Data is more available and valued than ever - but it is also challenging to communicate in a way that leads to change. Visuals are the best way to explain, share, and motivate, but they require a special kind of ally . . .

Graphic Facilitation and Recording                      


The challenges teams face require collaborative effort. Too often poor communication (including PowerPoint) leads these efforts to fail. There are other options for coalitions looking to engage and produce results . . .

Communications Strategy

A thoughtful communication plan is what will allow your organization or network to reach and motivate the people who will make your goals a reality - and it will also save your organization tons of time, energy, and money spinning your wheels . . .



"It's not easy to find someone who is both a talented graphic designer and a smart communications strategist. Lydia is that rare professional who understands how graphics and text work together to help you accomplish your communication goals. Do you want to go beyond "pretty and colorful" to persuasive, clear and inspiring? Work with Lydia."


Clients include:

  • The Wilderness Society
  • Colorado Creative Industries
  • Women's Lobby of Colorado
  • Colorado Foundation for Water Education
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Denver Agency on Human Rights and Community Partnerships
  • Denver Health
  • The Civic Canopy

Photos and videos on this site are courtesy of Emily Przekwasimjustanartist.com, and Quadrid Productions.