Because a goal without a plan is just a wish

Achieving your mission requires you to connect with others. To do so successfully, you may need: 

  • Clear, consistent messaging
  • A beautiful, easy-to-navigate website that engages users
  • Regular email newsletters and/or social media posts
  • Print materials like brochures, annual reports, etc.
  • Presentations for events
  • Opportunities for engaging press and media
  • Systems for producing all of the above consistently

Perhaps you've already got some of these elements, but are they integrated into your organization's day-to-day activities? A thoughtful plan makes this much easier - and it means you spend less time, energy, and money spinning wheels.

Good communication isn't just about telling others what they want to hear, it's about letting our strengths shine. It's also about understanding what our audiences care about so we can show them how much we care about them. It helps to have someone else looking in from the outside of our organization to ensure we do both of these things well.

If you're ready to communicate clearly with those you work with and for, I can help you create a plan that is realistic and useful immediately. Not only do I have the skills, experience, insight, and empathy, but you can count on me to be incredibly organized and responsive. AND I will graphically record our work as we go, making the process feel much more clarifying, inspiring, and confidence-building.

Connecting with those who will be engaged with and support your work is the most important thing you can do for your organization. Give your wishes a chance to become reality!


Visual Coaching

Are you a team of one? I offer visual coaching sessions to support the creation and implementation of a personalized, strengths-based plan for consultants and creative professionals.

I don't just talk the talk. You can learn more about how I walk the walk by reading about my personal and professional journey here and my blog, where I regularly share my experiences and insights.